• Challenge

    The Mobile Diagnostics development team created a customer-facing data transfer application for mobile customers to use without having to visit a retail location for assistance. The new solution would be accessed via an app store download, for both Android & iOS devices. The interface needed to be easy to use and not overwhelming, especially to a novice user. It was determined that this Data Transfer process would be rolled into an overall Mobile Solution app in the future, so the look and feel would need to be versatile.

  • Solution

    The final design concept was a fresh approach to the diagnostics brand. While still following the overall brand requirements, the interface took on a slightly different feel since it was a customer-facing application. When customers cannot understand what to do, they panic. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and abandonment. The design provided clear and concise messaging while keeping customers engaged; empowering them to manage their own data transfers between devices without having to travel to mobile retail location for help.