• Challenge

    In 2016, Blancco went through an entire company rebrand. That same year, Blancco completed the acquisition of the company that developed the core software behind Blancco Mobile Diagnostics. With the original branding being so different, a complete visual change was necessary in order to create a seamless omnichannel user experience for the user.

    The task was no small feat. Not only was there one application to update, there were three: a mobile app, an in-store diagnostic kiosk and device diagnostics interface.

  • Solution

    Through cross-functional, collaborative conversations with engineering, sales and product management teams, I ensured that visual details that were important to the user were clear, concise and easy to see. The new design provided a simple and clean interface with scannable hierarchy of information that was easy to learn quickly for new users and recognizable for users of the old design. Actionable colors were used to guide or alert users of a tasks needing to be completed. Since brand launch, the interface has evolved based on user feedback and feature deployment.